Tools and service that I use to improve my productivity

There is a lot of services and tools that can boost your productivity and help you with speed up your work. One thing that is very important, you can use different tools and that’s all right, the most important thing is to have efficient process and habits that boost your productivity. A tool is just a tool. In this article, I will show you not only the tools that I use but also the way I use them.

Brain storage

Evernote is my brain storage. I use it for long notes, writing text, saving data when I do some research. It’s a very powerful tool, that has so many features for notes management I only use some of them but I’m still learning it.
Google Keep, I use it for short and fast notes. These notes have short expiration so I don’t organize them a lot. In Google Keep, I only write a short note and delete it when I don’t need this note anymore.
Google Calendar – my basic calendar with all events and data that have some date or time when I need to do some action with them.


I have several email accounts, one of them, Gmail I use in the official Gmail web app because it’s good. My other email accounts are attached to Mozzila Thunderbird where I write most of the emails. To communication with Facebook friends, I use because it’s not as distracting as Facebook. I recommend everyone to only use Messenger to save time and don’t scroll Facebook wall.
Grammarly, I use this software when I write something in English, it helps me with correcting my text.

Getting things done

Todoist it’s probably the most important app that I’m using. I organize my day, my projects, my tasks with it.  I plan everything in my life using the famous Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen. Todoist is my tool where all the magic happen. I have my year plans and my month plans here. Every Sunday I make a plan for next week according to it. I make tasks for proper weekdays. Every day before sleep I plan the next day with adding more tasks to those from week plan and I assign priority for these tasks. The best fact about Todist it that you can add a task and assign it to the proper project with keyboard shortcuts. You don’t need to use the mouse to use most of the Todoist functions.
Toggl is a powerful timer. I measure how many time I spend doing my task, working on projects. Thanks to this app I know how many time and on what things I spend time during the day and week. I also see how many time I spend on projects so I don’t need to count time by myself when I’m working for a client who pays me per hours. Toggl have very good reports and summaries.


Feedly is simple solutions for people who read a lot of blogs and who want to have all new blog posts in one place. I check it once a week and add articles I want to read to the next app.
Pocket is my storage for all links to articles I want to read. When I find something interesting to read I add it to Pocket and when I have time I open this app and I start reading.
Podcast Addict is the best Android app to listen to podcasts.

Habits and sleep

Habits mobile app with that you can add and control your habits and progress you made every day. It’s very simple but in fact, it really helps me with my habits.
Sleep Cycle is the best alarm clock you can have, it analyzes your sleep and woke you up in proper phase of sleep.


Time for some entertainment stuff. Music for me is like oxygen so Spotify is the service that I use a lot of time. All the statistics I gather on my account, unfortunately, I create this account recently but if you interesting go ahead:
What tools do you use? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve my set? I’m open to your feedback.
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