Common SEO methods – show your website in Google

No matter what’s on your website is or how Google changes their page indexing algorithm there are common things you need to do make your website strong in Google Search.


Search Engine Optimization is important when you want to see your page on the first result in Google Search queries but you must be careful to make it right. Cheating and abuse can be discovered by Google and your website will be banned from indexing. That’s not what we want. So be careful when you want to use some tricky things to optimize your position in Google.

In this post, I want to show you how to build a website with strong keywords that will make your website appear on the first results in Google Search. Remember that the process of building strong keywords and respect in Google takes time and can’t be done in one day.

Search Engine Optimization – TODO list

First, take care of your code, make sure is correct and readable. Optimize images on your website to improve loading speed. You can use this free to tool provided by Google to check your website speed:

Next, title and description tags, they need to have a specific length. I suggest you use a 50 – 70 characters title and up to 300 characters description. This tags should contain what the user can see and read on the page. Use heading tags (e. g. h1, h2) with content that have keywords used in title and page description. Build interesting content on your website, add images and texts. Your page should contain at least 300 words.

Make subpages for new keywords. First, focus on three words keywords. Think about what a user can type in Google to search for things that you offer on your website. Analyze your opposition, what they do to get new clients. There are many SEO analyzers, you can check your website with it if there are improvements to make, consider fixing it. Make changes in your website, wait for some effects, analyze it. This process is long, you need to be patient. When your three words keywords start appearing in first results in Google, you should consider building two words keywords. It will be harder to get to the first position but it’s worth it. Most users click only on the first link in Google search result.


There are common things you can do to optimize your website for search engines. This process takes time but it’s free when you do it by yourself. Don’t overuse SEO technics and don’t use any tricky ways to boost your Google position because if Google detects it, your website will be banned and will not appear in Google results anymore.

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