How to combine school and work?

Now I’m 17 years old and I attend school as a usual teenager but after school, I do something more than a regular teenager. I’m working as full stack web developer. How I made this work? That’s very simple!

Remote work is the key.

Working from home is the most common part of it. I don’t have to go to office and waste time during the road to the job. That time I can use to actually work on a project. That is the biggest advantage of remote work. All communication about the project I made via email that next benefit than communication face to face in the office. I don’t have to make notes that what I must do when I talk with chief because all important things are already noted in emails. Of course all task from emails, I put to Todoist. Now, I can start working. The next advantage of remote working is that in-home nobody interrupts you in work (in theory). I know it from experience that in office possibility that someone interrupts you in work is bigger than home.

Asynchronous work is also the key.

When people in the office working I’m usually in school. If I have to work when other people in company work, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work more than maybe an hour per day. Thankfully for asynchronous work, I could work even in the middle of the night. When I have some free time I’m working on projects. Sometimes even on the weekend because I love it and I could, of course, make more money. The common part of asynchronous work is that I have the task to do, not hours that I must work.

Don’t slack school.

School is my main duty. First I do my homework and learn for exams or tests. After it, I work to make money. That is very important because the education is also significant. In work, you can learn all in practice and that’s amazing and makes you more than a usual teenager but don’t forget about school and of course about chores.


Having job when you are yet going to school is very cool. You can double learn about your future career, from school and form real work and in addition, you can earn some money.  After school, you are more than usual teenagers because you already have some experience in your profession. Good luck!

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