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One day, I was thinking about the best way to implement chat on my client website. After some research, I decided to try In this post, I would like to talk about: how to set up, configure and use this chat.




Setup is very easy and that’s the best thing. Firstly you must sign up here: Now you can log in to the Dashboard and you will see Setup Wizard. All you need to do is follow the steps.

Then you must put widget code in your HTML document in <body>. If you have many pages you can copy widget code to one file and require it with PHP.


Let’s personalize your widget! Log in to the Dashboard and click on the gear icon to go to admin panel. Now you can see all categories on the left side and option to a picked category on the right. Please click on ‘Widget Setting’, you can find here general settings like behave on a website. Let’s back to the main page and click “Widget Appearance” and now the party started. You can choose the color, set dimensions, and change how it will look on the desktop computer and mobile phones. The proper choice would make your widget appearance like your website. That’s the thing, your visitors won’t be able to see a difference in a look of your site and external widget. Ok, now in “Widget Content” you can set up all content that appears in the widget like text in the chat window when user maximizes it and heading when you are offline.

Chat in practice

All setup and prepare. It’s time to use the chat. On the main page of the Dashboard, you can see live statistics of your website and monitor your traffic on the page. If someone contact with you using chat you will receive notification. You can also use the mobile version of for Android or IOS to comfortably respond to messages.


That’s it! Now you have the new way to contact you on your own site.  Great if you enjoy my first post on this blog, share it and write your opinion in a comment section.

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